Planning Your Forex Trades in Advance

During our last Coach’s Corner session, one of our members, Darko Ali, showed us 3 trade setups, well in advance. The one in this video (AUD/USD) was identified about 12 hour prior to being filled. This slows things down and gives you lots of time to properly analyze what you’re going to do…and why. (I’ll show you the other 2 setups as well).

This 4 minute video (and don’t be fooled by how short it is), is a great illustration of the power of not only having a game plan with your forex trading, but of advanced preparation.

By the way, we also took this trade in our “Myfxbook” account. We post these trades well in advance, and our CC members have access to all pending orders, as well as trading results, making it totally transparent. We go through a complete analysis for our members and show exactly where we are planning to trade, and why.