Trader Interview: How This Successful Forex Trader Keeps Doing It

Last June Sarid Harper and I conducted an interview with one of our Coach’s Corner members, Darko Ali, who was clearly displaying the trading qualities that result in consistent, long term forex trading success.

Darko has continued to maintain an unwavering commitment to his approach, and this past week we chatted again. In this interview, you’ll hear about the things that have truly made a difference for him. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel: just listen to what he has to say (and check out his track record).

We feel very fortunate to have Darko in the CC, as he is a great role model for others, not just in his technical trading approach, but most importantly, in his trading mindset.

In this interview, you’ll learn about the key ingredients that have contributed to making Darko the successful forex trader that he is.