Watch How We Pick Precise Levels to Trade

Last week I mentioned that we are now providing our Coach’s Corner members with trading levels, well in advance, in order to help those who simply don’t have the time to be at their computers. It also gives our newer members a good starting point to help them get up to speed more quickly.

This week my CC partner, Sarid Harper, who developed the Supply/Demand software that we now use in the CC, will walk you through the process that we use to identify these levels. In this 7 minute video, you’ll see exactly how it is that we can pinpoint trading levels that offer exceptional reward vs risk opportunities.

If you are unfamiliar with the software, you may find it necessary to go through the video several times (which would be well worth your while).

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and once you work with the software for a short period of time, you’ll have a very good understanding of how it works. You can view the video here:

In the Coach’s Corner, each session we go through this process live with our members and identify levels we might trade at, then post them to our Myfxbook account, which our members have full access to within the CC member’s site.

NOTE: These are not trade recommendations! They are price levels we observe, and it is the full responsibility of the trader as to whether or not they take the trade.