Forex Trading Reflections 2016

Can you believe that another year is almost over? This is a time that we all tend to reflect on different areas of our lives, where we are, how last year turned out, and changes we are committed to making for next year.

I hope that this video will inspire you to take the action necessary to make the changes you want to see when it comes to trading the forex markets. In this video, I cover 2 emails that really get to the heart of trading, and what we do in the Coach’s Corner. I think these are excellent in terms of getting you to contemplate your own trading. Take a look:

It’s never enough to “wish” for something to change, or to “hope” it will change. It always takes committed action of some kind. I really hope that this video inspires you to at least consider the gap between where you are with your trading at this point, and where you want to be. If you’re ready, we can help you fill that gap as we have done for so many others.

I also want to thank all of you for taking the time to listen to my forex videos each week (and the ones that Sarid has done too)! We truly hope that they help you in your development as a trader, and look forward to providing more weekly videos in the New Year