New Beginnings for 2017? And…Forex Trading Performance Update

Happy New Year to all! As 2017 kicks off, I want to show you some actual results…an update on the returns in our “Myfxbook” account since we opened it in October 2016. Plus I’ll cover one of the trades taken that we identified (and took) in the Coach’s Corner.

I want you to see the possibilities that the CC has to offer. My CC partner, Sarid Harper, does an excellent analysis on just 4 pairs, every CC session, and comes up with high-odds trading levels, which have resulted in the performance that you’ll hear about in the video.

Obviously we can’t guarantee results, so please be clear about that. The whole idea is to teach you do this for yourself.

So…what does 2017 look like to you? What’s going to change? Whatever your answer, just be sure that you don’t continue doing the same thing if it’s not working.