The Best Forex Trades…Come to Those Who Wait!

Okay, okay, I know you’ve already heard about the need for patience. But…do you have it? Because it matters! A lot.

In today’s video, I’ll show you 2 important things: First, the rewards of patience in waiting for a low pip-risk entry with high reward potential (this makes a huge difference), as evidenced by our Myfxbook trading account performance.

And by the way, here’s an update note…In the video, which was recorded yesterday, I said we were up just under 16%. But we had a trade today, and we are now up just under 17% – in less than 4 months. All of these trades were identified and posted well in advance of being filled.

Secondly, I’ll show you an example of the rewards of patience put into practice by one of our Coach’s Corner members (see his comments below).

This one trade alone would be a good month of trading, never mind a good day. It was a true beauty!