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How to Scalp Using S/D: Live Trade AUD/USD

I think I set a new record for the shortest weekly trade example yet! It’s only 1:36, and it’s a live trade I took today on the AUD/USD pair, using the Pipnotic software. But don’t be fooled by the short length of the video, because it will clearly show you the power of the Supply/Demand software.

This is a great illustration of the kind of trading that Sarid and I will be teaching in our new Forex Scalping Strategy Course, which will be out very soon. We are now starting to show these kinds of trade set-ups to our CC members in advance of the course release.


Scalp Trading the Forex With the Pipnotic SD Software

This past week, Sarid Harper and I held a webinar, where we showed some new enhancements to the Pipnotic Supply/Demand software that we are now using.

If you missed that webinar, you can hear the full recording here:

In today’s video, I’ll show you how you can very effectively use the new software updates to scalp trade.

Forex Trades: 2 LCT Trades by an Inspirational Young Woman!

For this week’s trade example, I am really happy to be showing this video, which highlights a couple of trades that one of our London Close Trade members took. Her name is Adebi, and she is quite an amazing young woman as you’ll hear.

After thoroughly studying our LCT course, she has become very good at trading the London Close, and is an inspiration to all of us. I hope you’re able to have a listen to this 5 ½ minute video.

David’s GBP/JPY Trade Using the Forex Pipnotic Software

In less than 5 minutes, this week’s video will really highlight the value of the Pipnotic S/D software that we use in the Coach’s Corner.

The video is a live trade taken on a 4 hour chart by one of our CC members.

You’ll clearly see the nice visual aspect of using the software, making it very easy to identify exactly where you want to enter, place your stop, as well as where to look for taking profits. Check it out: