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Forex Supply & Demand Trading In Action…From CC Members!

“I spent a few hours watching [various time frames] on different pairs with the new updates and it is absolutely incredible how accurate these levels are for trading”.

– Alex

We continue to get great trades sent in by our Coach’s Corner members. In this video I’ll show you just 2 of the trades that were submitted this past week, and I think you’ll be more than mildly amazed at how the Pipnotic software greatly simplifies the process of identifying high odds reaction levels of supply and demand. Just take a look, and you be the judge!

Trading the Forex: Know Your Limit, Play Within It

“This is a great course [Scalping course] you and Sarid have put together which has given me more consistent and positive returns each month. A Big Thanks”


Note: I mention Mick’s trading in this video

In these weekly trade examples and discussions, many times I have alluded to the importance of knowing yourself. It’s very important to honor your own personal trading limitations. Personal growth and achievement limitations are another matter, where we all have unlimited potential. However understanding trading limitations is a biggie.

The subject line of this email is actually a slogan that the lottery corporation uses, but it has equal applicability for forex traders. I really hope you find this video useful, and that you can use it as a reminder and most importantly, that it will help you with your own trading.

Forex Supply/Demand Simplified

One of our main goals with the Coach’s Corner service is to provide our members with the most objective and simple trading approach as we possibly can, no matter what time frame they like to trade.

This week, Sarid imparted some rules and observations surrounding levels of supply/demand, intended to objectify the process. To be sure, everything takes practice and time at the controls, but in this week’s video I think you’ll see how well these levels stand out, and I’ll show you an actual trade taken using this approach.

Forex Supply/Demand: How To Weed Out The Best Levels!

This week’s video is a clip from our last Coach’s Corner session, and it features my CC partner, Sarid Harper, who will explain the process he uses to identify levels of supply and demand that tend to give the highest probability of price reaction.

These are generally excellent levels when combined with other key factors, and as you’ll see, they can result in some very powerful, high-reward price movement. You can view the video right here: