Would You Be OK With A 14% Return In Two Months?

“Your Coach’s Corner sessions are invaluable and I am anxiously looking forward to future tutorials”.



This week, my Coach’s Corner partner, Sarid Harper, has recorded a video for you. This video is an absolute “must see” if you have any questions at all about how the CC and the Pipnotic S/D software can help you.

In this video, you”ll see what a truly great tool the S/D indicator is, as it automatically displays key levels of supply/demand. These levels have been filtered by the software according to very specific characteristics that are associated with proper S/D level qualifications. As you”ll see, the accuracy can be pretty amazing.

The key to Sarid’s  outstanding returns is his risk management. Keep in mind that the 14% return over the past 2 months has been achieved by risking no more than 1% per trade. Prudent risk management is at the heart of successful trading. Without it…you know the story.