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Having A Hard Time Seeing Forex Trade Setups In Advance?

We can all see great trade setups AFTER they have occurred, but we need to see them BEFORE they happen! And this is a challenge for most developing traders.

In the Coach’s Corner, not only are we teaching a few simple, objective and very powerful recurring patterns, but we are also showing potential trade setups – in advance – for the educational benefit of our members. In this video, you’ll see a GBP/USD trade that Darko alerted our members to during the CC session…over 7 hour in advance.

We go over these trades every session, including both winners AND losers. Losing on trades and handling losses are just as important as winning. We care very much that our traders are totally equipped for both!

Also, part way through this video, I have embedded the actual recording from the Coach’s Corner session where Darko showed this trade possibility. Take a look:


Forex Trading: “I Love This Approach”!

“Dear Vic, I was there yesterday and found it an excellent session. I’ve back-tested the Bat trade, learnt the rules inside out (nicely laid out in the member’s resources area), and currently have my first Bat trade in operation on the EUR/AUD pair (1hr time-frame)! I love this approach, with clear and mostly objective rules. If the other patterns are laid out in the same way as the last few sessions, I’ll be as happy as Larry! Have a very good weekend. All the best, Leo”


What a week of trading we’ve had, and Leo said it all in his email above. Most importantly, what a week of results from our Coach’s Corner members! After CC member Darko introduced just our first pattern the way he trades it, with the rules clearly laid out, the results have been purely inspiring.

The underlying swings in a given price movement have specific relationships that we look for, and are very easy to learn. Once understood, your trading becomes extremely objective. You will know, WAY in advance, where to enter, where your stop will go, and exactly where you should look to take profits.

This isn’t theoretical or hypothetical. Darko has been trading nothing but patterns for almost 17 months, with only one (super small) losing month (-0.5%). These patterns flat out work, and to see our members picking them up after just one week of training is very cool.

This week, I’m going to feature a trade from Gek, one of our valued CC members, and what I’d like you to see is what a great entry level she had by simply using the rules exactly as taught. When you get such a small risk entry, the profit potential is pretty sweet! Take a look:

Back to Basics: Forex Pattern Trading at its Finest!

If you haven’t already heard, the Coach’s Corner service is undergoing a significant change. My partner of almost 2 years, Sarid Harper, is leaving the CC service at the end of this month and returning to work full time on his Pipnotic software development and testing. This is a true passion of Sarid’s as evidenced by the superb S/D software that he developed. It has been a great pleasure working with Sarid and learning from him, and I wish him the very best and continued success!

Since starting the CC in 2006, I have only traded patterns, together with other information that I’ve found useful along the way…but always patterns. The CC will be focusing completely on pattern trading only once again.

In the CC, we have a great pattern trader, Darko Ali, who, for the last 16 months, has ONLY traded patterns…but with unique, and very profitable filtering. His track record is remarkable (15 out 16 winning months at this point), and Darko will be presenting his entire approach in great detail in the Coach;s Corner (actually, he has already started doing this, and of course all sessions are recorded).

In this video, you’ll see a trade that a member from Australia (Mick) spotted and took based on what he learned in just the first session with Darko – good for 80 pips.


Make That 18 Consecutive Winning Forex Trades

In last week’s video I talked about the great success that one of our CC members, Darko, has achieved (profitable in 15 of the last 16 months). This past week, he ran his consecutive winning streak up to 18 trades in a row before finally incurring a loss yesterday. Oh well.

This week, I’ll walk through an actual trade that he took, including a complete top down analysis that I hope you find helpful. This will illustrate the process involved in finding a trade setup…well in advance!

You can view the video right here:

I also mentioned that Darko was going to be a guest speaker in the Coach’s Corner, and that’s coming up this Monday October 9th. This will be a great opportunity for you to see a simple and very objective approach that can be used for finding reliable trade setups over and over. Darko will show exactly how he finds his trades…and of course you can ask him whatever questions you like!

You can join the CC right here: