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Watch How Darko Trades Forex Patterns

This week’s trade video is presented by my Coach’s Corner partner, Darko Ali (his very first weekly trade video!), and in this video, he will show you the exact process that we go through in analyzing a currency pair for a trading opportunity. Based on this analysis, he’ll point out a pattern trade that set up just the way we like to see it, on the USD/JPY pair. Darko will also give you a heads up on a possible future trade that we’ll be watching for. Take a look:

These patterns recur constantly, are very easy to learn (because they’re rules-based), and they allow us to spot potential setups well ahead of time. Click the link above and take a look!

NOTE: Patterns to Profits Webinar Recording

On November 14th, 2017 we hosted a webinar where the attendees heard how Darko completely transformed his trading since becoming a pure pattern trader. He is now enjoying unprecedented success, and he showed a few examples of the kinds of trades that we look for. In case you missed this webinar, you can view it at the following link:

Knowing Where To Trade In Advance

One of the great advantages of pattern trading is that we know exactly what we’re looking for when we open our charts. No staring blankly at the screen, because the patterns that we trade are 100% objective in how they have to set up.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that trading is 100% objective (circumstances happen). But it can be pretty darned close, and for most people, objectivity is necessary for gaining any kind of traction, and it’s a huge advantage.

Because our patterns are objective, we know, in advance, where we’re going to buy or sell at, where the stop will go, etc. In this short video (under 4 minutes), I’ll show you an actual trade example from one of our Coach’s Corner members, and you’ll see exactly what we mean when we talk about knowing where to trade in advance (not to mention trading at extreme levels).

Take a look:

Words From Darko

As we approach our upcoming Coach’s Corner Open House webinar next week (see below), I decided to have my CC partner, Darko Ali, speak to you directly. When you hear Darko speak, you’ll see why the Coach’s Corner… is seeing record attendance. His track record has made him into a supremely confident trader…and our members are really benefiting from his mentorship.

People are intrigued by the simplicity and objectivity of trading patterns. They just work. Have a listen:

You can also access the full webinar recording here

Re: Why Not You?

In this week’s video, I have some information that I hope gets you thinking about the possibilities that are before you. You can make trading difficult, complicated and confusing or…you can choose simple and objective. More than ever, the Coach’s Corner is establishing itself as the go-to service for learning how to trade the Forex. Why? Results. Listen to this video and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

Unsolicited Testimonial: Here’s what Andrew had to say:   “It is great to have strict rules, makes my life so much easier when I sit down at the computer. It is like I have a purpose, just look for the rules to be met rather than sitting down just scanning looking at everything.”