Knowing Where To Trade In Advance

One of the great advantages of pattern trading is that we know exactly what we’re looking for when we open our charts. No staring blankly at the screen, because the patterns that we trade are 100% objective in how they have to set up.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that trading is 100% objective (circumstances happen). But it can be pretty darned close, and for most people, objectivity is necessary for gaining any kind of traction, and it’s a huge advantage.

Because our patterns are objective, we know, in advance, where we’re going to buy or sell at, where the stop will go, etc. In this short video (under 4 minutes), I’ll show you an actual trade example from one of our Coach’s Corner members, and you’ll see exactly what we mean when we talk about knowing where to trade in advance (not to mention trading at extreme levels).

Take a look: