Free Coach’s Corner Session!

Next week we are holding a completely free Coach’s Corner live session. For more information, see below.

So to prep you for that, I have a couple of trades to show you, both of them on the USD/CAD pair (trades that CC members took) that are examples of the approach to trading that we teach in the Coach’s Corner. It’s very objective, it’s patterns-based, and it’s a “rinse and repeat” formula.

Learning the patterns is the easy part of trading – anyone can do this. But trading involves more than knowing about a pattern or any other kind of a setup. And don’t kid yourself – it takes time to get it all under control. But for those willing to make that focused commitment, the rewards can be very attractive! Take a look:

And finally, I just want to once again congratulate my CC partner, Darko, who just closed out another profitable month of trading in November, now boosting his record to 18 winning months out of the past 19 months of trading (the losing month was just a 0.5% loss in his account). In the CC you can learn exactly what he did to achieve this kind of performance and…copy the formula!

You are invited to attend a live Coach’s Corner session next week, on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 3 PM Eastern Time (NY Time). Come and see for yourself what we do in the CC, and how it might benefit you in your trading development. You can register here:

NOTE: If you can’t make it live, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording.

Thanks everyone. We appreciate you viewing these videos and truly hope they’re helpful.   All the best,

Vic Noble

Personal Forex Coach