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Be Honest: Do Trading Losses Bother You?

It’s very important that you not only understand, but…

embrace and accept the fact that there will be losses in trading.

It is an integral part of the trading process.


Many people say, “yeah, yeah, I understand, I get it, I know

there will be losses” etc etc. But…they do not TRULY accept it.

This is evident when they have a couple of losses and start

the hunt for a new system. Big mistake.


In this week’s video, you’ll once again see Darko show valid setups

in ADVANCE as always, in his Pre-Market Analysis video, including…

a losing trade. Losses like this are inconsequential because

of proper risk/trade management, and the fact that we have an edge.

This means the winners will outweigh the losers. The proof:

overall this has been a very profitable month…despite a couple of losses.

Take a look:



Hi Vic,

I would be more than glad to contribute my comments for testimonials to the CC as Darko has truly earned recognition for his dedication and massive work that he is doing for all the members. His explanation of developing trade setups on the hard right edge as they unfold has greatly helped me to understand the language of the market.

Thanks much and keep up the good work,

Art K.



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Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos – We hope you find them helpful!

All the best,

Vic Noble

Personal Forex Coach
The Coach’s Corner Service is now in its 12th year, hosted by Vic Noble and Darko Ali.  This is the most valuable and affordable coaching you’ll find on the internet!

Over 600 Pips So Far…And Here’s Proof

“What can I say? The superlatives are starting to run out.”

This was a comment made by CC member Renzo regarding

the Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos that our members receive

at least 2 times EVERY DAY!


Folks, it does NOT get any better than this. Seriously.

This month alone, our members were alerted to trades…

in advance…that have generated over 600 pips so far.


Are the PMA videos really that good? You be the judge, because…

in today’s video, you’ll hear Darko yet again give 2

very profitable trade alerts – live – WAY in advance…as always!

See for yourself – here’s the proof:



Hi Darko,

Dwight here from Corfu. I just wanna say thank you for your incredible enthusiasm and for your videos today. It is so much better this way when we see it all in advance and not hind sight.

Have a smashing day and hope you ate the pips….:)




What a great opportunity to look right over the shoulder of a real,

and very profitable trader. What if…?

Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos – We hope you find them helpful!

Who Is This Guy? Craziest Week Ever (+400 Pips)

To say that the Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) – which is part of the Coach’s Corner service – is off to a flying start would be…

a massive understatement!

My CC partner, Darko, has been recording PMA videos every single day…

and usually more than one…BEFORE the London open.

That means members are alerted to possible trade setups…AHEAD of time.

This month, Darko has racked up over 400 pips…

taking the exact trades that he has alerted members to.

Hard to believe? In this week’s video, I’ll show you 3 actual PMA videos…

where Darko showed the setups…in advance:


Don’t take my word for how valuable the PMA is…just read this:

Dear Vic and Darko

The PMA is INSANE!! This is like having the opportunity to sit next to a professional, profitable trader and see what he does every day and how he analyses the market. Darko please continue to be a “broken record”. It is music to my ears!!

I am absolutely loving this way of coaching 😊

Thank you so much guys, words cannot express my gratitude at your high quality, professional and dedicated fx education and coaching that you provide

I am eternally grateful

Yours truly

McGregor, Wellington, New Zealand


This is just one of many, many more testimonials from our members. Bottom line…CC members get to look right over the shoulder of a real, and…

very profitable trader.

Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos – We hope you find them helpful!

All the best,

Vic Noble Personal Forex Coach