How Was The Forex PMA Performance In January?

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At the end of January, Darko posted a follow-up of…

what our members were alerted to during the month – in advance…

and how everything actually worked out. This is super valuable

(and will continue to be done each month) because it allows

our members to review exactly what happened…and see

for themselves how accurate the Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos actually are.

Why is this important? Because it instills a very high level of confidence…

a critically important component of doing well at anything!

Here is the actual wrap up video that was posted for our members:

Are the members happy with our “new look” CC and PMA videos?


The PMA’s are gold! Absolutely incredible and vital to my personal understanding of trading.  You see, I started this adventure in 2005.  I fumbled around and eventually found my way to Forexmentor.  As time went on I’ve had other teachers, tried other systems and I cobbled together what I thought was a good trading system for myself. I was wrong. I thought I knew how to read a chart.  I thought I knew how to trade patterns. I thought I understood the concepts of support and resistance. Wrong again.

I’ve learned more these past few months than in the previous 13 years I tried doing it myself. I seriously considered quitting forex trading altogether.  I’m glad I didn’t and I’m glad I stayed.

I can say without contradiction that your joining the CC has really been a blessing.  I’ve had some excellent teachers in the past, but in all the years past I’ve never had anyone explain how price works, how to read a chart or how to apply the principles of support and resistance the way you do. I greatly appreciate all the work you put in to make them available to us.

Again, thank you.  I’m looking forward to working with you and Vic for many years to come.


Gary Parrish



Want to find out more about how the CC can help? This past week we held a webinar where we went over the “new look” CC. If you have any thoughts of joining, us, this is a must-see webinar! You can view the entire recording here:

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