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We Get Awesome Testimonials Every Day…Here’s Another One

Today’s PMA’s have been fantastic!  It hasn’t even been 1 month since joining CC and I have learned so much.

Because of today, I am getting a clearer picture of what kind of trader I want to become.

The value of the CC is tremendous.  Keep up the fantastic work!!

With thanks and appreciation,

Susan G.

This past week, Darko introduced his version of trading the London Open. This is a 100% rules-based strategy, so there is zero ambiguity as to whether or not there is a setup. That means you can easily back test this strategy and see for yourself how powerful it is.

There were 4 London Open Strategy setups this week, and all of them were winners. Obviously they won’t always be profitable, and they don’t have to be, because this is yet another pattern in our arsenal that gives us a very nice edge.

In this week’s video I’ll show you a couple of London Open trades that set up on the GBP/USD pair. Check it out right here:

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