I Promise This Will Make A Difference For Your Forex Trading

This week’s forex trading video is going to be an eye-opener

for many of you. I clipped this video out of one of Darko’s

Pre-Market Analysis videos because it is a GREAT illustration of

PURE price action trading!


Once you understand how to read price action, you actually…

don’t need any indicators! Nothing. Just a bare chart.

Understanding price action like this will open up many, many more

trading opportunities.


NOTE: in the very near future, Darko is going to be covering a

detailed, yet super simple trading plan for our Coach’s Corner members…

using nothing but pure price.


Check out this pure price action trade setup that our members were

alerted to…IN ADVANCE):





Hi Vic,


You and Darko are the best. I have bought I think every course there is and you 2 clearly out shine them all, thanks again 🙂


I think the new traders don’t know it but they have found the right place without wasting all that MONEY AND TIME, feel free to share this comment also

Thanks a lot 😊




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Vic Noble

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