Just Give Me 5 Minutes…

If you will take the time to watch this week’s video…

you just can’t help but be excited. Or at least intrigued, or curious.

I’ve been showing you, week after week, how incredibly valuable

the Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos are that Darko posts every

single day, multiple times. These videos alert our members…in advance,

to high-odds trade setups.

In this video, which starts with a live PMA, Darko spotted a great

setup on the EUR/USD while he was recording.

I then added an additional short recording after Darko’s video, to show

you the outcome of that trade setup. The resulting price move was HUGE…

compared to the small risk.

But get this: There was a London Open Trade setup at the same time!

In fact, in this same video, you’ll see 3 London Open trade setups…

just this week, including one from today, which added even more profit

after I had made the recording. Actually it hit a daily S/R level for about a

70 pip profit. Nice day trade! And…all totally rules-based and objective.

Just check this out:

PS: Watch for our complete London Open Trade course coming out in April!


Hey Darko,  I’m emailing you about your scalping PMA’s. I’m not a scalper (yet) but they are extremely powerful, your robotic approach to the 15 min chart helped me in more ways than u know, helps me remove emotion out of trading. Keep up the amazing coaching. you are making an indescribable difference… Happy PIP Hunting Grant

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Vic Noble