“The Impact You’re Having Is Truly Amazing”

Those are words spoken by one of our CC members (see the

testimonial below).

We produce these weekly trade videos to help educate

our followers. The idea is to give you insights into the critical

components of a profitable trading approach.

This week’s trade example is, in my opinion, pure gold. I will

show you yet another Pre-Market Analysis video of Darko pointing

out a great level to short the AUD/USD at, in advance, and most

importantly, how members used that Pre-Market Analysis video to

get this great trade! Again…in real time – NOT hindsight. (See their

actual comments in the video).

This is the kind of actionable trading that our members enjoy.

The video can be viewed right here:

Have you noticed that I have been posting DIFFERENT testimonials

every week? Hmmm…… Here’s another one:


Hi Vic/Darko,  Firstly I want to say what a FANTASTIC job you both are doing in the CC on a daily basis it is just awesome!! Darko has been providing some gems on trading with Vic’s support and interactions with the wider members. Again job well done. I am not too sure if you guys are really aware of the impact that you both are having on the new look and feel CC membership. It is truly amazing!!! And what I really appreciate is the fact that you all taking the time out to  listen to your members which is good because a LOT of other trade services don’t seem to understand the importance of getting feedback from your members. Keep up the good work! Mitch K

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All the best,

Vic Noble