“325 pips of Profit This Week”

That subject line is right out of an email we got from one

of our CC members (I’ll show you the email in this video).

The trade he took was on the USD/JPY…simply following Darko’s

Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) video. You’ll hear the PMA video first,

alerting members to this trade WAY in advance then…I’ll go over

the trade on a chart. (This member picked up 100 pips on this trade).

But before that trade, you’ll hear another PMA video that Darko

posted, showing a very good level to trade on the GBP/USD. That

trade was also taken by a CC member…again, called in advance…

not after the fact.

If you have any doubt as to just how powerful the PMA’s are…

this 6 minute video is one to watch.

You can listen to it here:



Hi Vic,

“…I guess the point I’m coming to is that you guys are really making a difference. You said give it at least 6 months and you were right.  I appreciate your work more than you can know.

Thanks again guys, you really have made a difference.

Kind regards

David P.”


Darko has recorded 7 live videos that will walk you through the

biggest reasons that most traders fail. This is GREAT information!

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UPDATE: The London Open Trade Strategy Course is coming soon. We

Should have it available in a few weeks!

Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos – We really appreciate it and hope you find them helpful!

All the best,

Vic Noble

info@forextradingandeducation.com Personal Forex Coach

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