Too Busy To Trade? Really?

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We often hear that traders need to stop trading because

they are “too busy”. I don’t know many people who are NOT busy.

However you can always find a way to trade…but only if you truly

have the desire. “Too busy” just means you can’t scalp or day trade.

But you certainly CAN swing trade or position trade.


In this week’s trade video, I’ll show you an example of a swing trade

that a very busy Coach’s Corner member (Henry) is in right now. And…

to see how busy he is, take a look at his email below.


View the video here:





Talking about busy…

I work from home and travel a lot for business. When I am home I do trade mainly the LCT. Cannot do that on the road!

I found this opportunity on Sunday night… got the risk out on Monday… jump on a plane on Tuesday… I am in Cuenca, Ecuador today managing the trade once a day… going to Guayaquil tomorrow, then Miami on Tuesday and back to Argentina on Wednesday…

By the way, Dario’s PMAs are great to keep the connection… but nothing compares to being engaged in longer term trade…

Thank you



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