[Webinar Recording] Do not Miss This Simplest Forex Strategy!


This past Wednesday we finally launched our London Open (LO)

Forex Trade Strategy course! This is Darko’s favorite strategy…

and for many good reasons. Here are just a few:

  • frequent occurrence
  • 100% objective in how the signal has to set up
  • only trades during a specific time window around the

London open


But the biggest reason of all? It is incredibly simple and easy to learn.

How easy? Darko kids are now trading it. And Darko even trades it…

from his cell phone at times.


In fact today, April 26th as I’m typing this, I got an email from one of

our CC members who successfully traded a EUR/USD LO setup from

his cell phone! How cool is that?


If you missed the webinar, you can listen to it right here:

And just FYI, we have discounted price

more than we’ve ever done, but…it will expire this Sunday, April 29th.




During our London Open webinar, one of our CC members, Tony,

Talked about his experience with this strategy. But the sound quality

was unfortunately quite poor. So…he kindly agreed to re-do it! You

can listen to what he had to say right here:


Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos – we really appreciate

it and hope you find them helpful!


All the best,


Vic Noble

info@forextradingandeducation.com Personal Forex Coach
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