Do You Really Need A Trading Mentor?

If you’ve been trading for a while and you’re just not

seeing consistent profitability, you really have only…

2 choices: Quit or change your approach. If you’re not a

quitter, then you only have one choice. So what does it

mean to “change your approach”?


It means to stop going down the losing path that you’re

on and develop a clear, concise trading plan, with written

down rules, and most importantly, a mindset where you

are committed to following the plan. The markets do NOT

care if you don’t follow your plan, and they will punish you



If you have not been profitable yet, trading on your own…

and you KNOW in your heart that you never really followed

a game plan consistently, then the fastest and easiest way to

change everything is by using a qualified mentor.


It pains me to see people continuing down a losing path when

it just does not have to be that way. Today’s video is about

how to change your course:






Hi Vic,


I took This London Open trade on the GBPUSD today for a 145

pip move.


Thanks to CC I am becoming a profitable trader. Since Feb 2018

I have been profitable every month, starting May on a positive

note as well.


I love the London Open and I try to take everyone I see. I have

also added Price action trading to my arsenal.


I can now for the first time see myself becoming a professional

trader, thanks to what you and Darko are showing us in CC and

the PMA’s.


I can recommend this service to anyone who is a struggling trader…

or is interested in trading the forex market.


Thanks a lot!

Kind regards

Charl van Niekerk


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All the best,

Vic Noble Personal Forex Coach
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