Trade Less to Make More – How we do It

Over-trading: a classic rookie mistake. In fact, it’s not just

confined to newbies; even many experienced traders get

caught in this trap. Why do they do this? Lots of reasons…

lack of patience, false expectations, a “need” to make money,

and a variety of other reasons/excuses.


But what they lack more than anything is…a proper trading

plan. And even that does not ensure victory in this game…

UNLESS a trader is committed to following that plan – without



The paradox is that trading less will generally yield better results.

This week’s video (6 minutes) is all about this incredibly important

topic, and you can access it right here:




Hi Darko,


I just want to say an extra thank you for all the work you’re putting

in to this service. As you say, the accuracy of your calls has been…

amazing. But that is not the main point. For me, the key point is

getting familiar with the thought processes as you look at each chart,

and drilling it relentlessly.


Thank you again for your expert guidance.


All the best,






What a GREAT CC Open House we had this past Wednesday!

Darko analyzed several currency pairs live for the attendees…

using the exact process he uses for his Pre-Market Analysis videos

every single day.


If you were not able to make it, you can listen to it here:


Thinking of joining the CC? I made an important pricing change

announcement that you need to know about. Just go to the 47:30

minute mark of the recording and you’ll get all the details.



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Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos – we really appreciate

it and hope you find them helpful!


All the best,


Vic Noble Personal Forex Coach
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