11+% return last month, and…a London Open Live Trade

I have 2 videos for you this week, (which I made into one

continuous video). This first one is a SUPER valuable lesson,

and the second is a live London Open Strategy trade…

recorded by Darko.

The 11% return alluded to in the subject line was achieved

by one of our Coach’s Corner members who is a full time

trader. But…the 11% really isn’t the main story. His return

is a by-product of his preparation and process. If you think

that successful trading is just about “where do I buy and

where do I sell”, it’s not. I’ll explain in the video, and in

addition, Rob shares some very, very valuable insights.

In other news…

The London Open Strategy saw yet another profitable month

in May, however…the big pips were made at the beginning

of the month. The last couple of weeks there were no valid

signals! Oh no! Panic! What should we do?

Amateurs will run off and chase another system. They lack

patience and are more interested in action than anything else.

Do NOT let this be you!

And finally…patience is rewarded with a perfect trade set up…

and Darko recorded it live.

Here is a link to both videos (total of about 7 minutes long):



Hi Darko,

I just want to say an extra thank you for all the work you’re putting

in to this service. As you say, the accuracy of your calls has been…

amazing. But that is not the main point. For me, the key point is

getting familiar with the thought processes as you look at each chart,

and drilling it relentlessly.


Thank you again for your expert guidance.

All the best,




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