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Hello Vic!

I’m a returning member to the coach’s corner. I have to say Darko is the best trading coach I’ve seen in my trading career (besides you of course:)). The way he teaches us his trading system without any confusion, and objectivity is unbelievable! This is exactly what i was searching for, a rule based and almost 100 % objective trading education, which all of my previous courses were missing.  Since 4 years im struggling to become a proftiable trader,blew 2 times my account, and i invested a lot of money in my education, had alot courses and coaches. I almost gave up, but thank god i gave cc a try again. The progress i made in the past 3 days, is more than i made in the 4 years ago. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge with us, anywhere else this information would be nearly unaffordable for the most of us.

Best regards




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