No Time To Trade The Forex? This Is For You.

For many people, day trading is simply not an option, usually due to having
a day job or other commitments. But…that’s NO reason to give up on your
dream of profitable trading! In fact one of the most consistently
profitable traders I know is busier than most of you will ever be…and he
only swing trades.

In my weekly video at the end of October I showed one of our Weekly
Pullback Strategy Trades. This week, I’ll show you another beauty that
yielded a 5:1 Reward/Risk. The key things is…there was LOTS OF TIME to get
in to this trade, and as always, Darko notified our members about this
setup 2 full days before it hit! Have a listen:

At the end of this video, I also show you a pure swing trade that one of
our members, Johan, took that handed him +222 pips of profit. And actually
I did an interview with Johan on August 3rd, 2018. If you missed it you can
listen to it here:

Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos — we really appreciate it
and hope you find them helpful!

All the best,

Vic Noble