Over-Analysis, Self-Doubt, Second-Guessing. Sound Familiar?

It’s confession time: when you get into a trade, do you immediately start
to second-guess what you’ve done, and start to doubt yourself and/or your
trading system? How do you then handle it? Do you click out of your trade
with a small loss or small win and then…watch price take off for a nice
juicy profit…without you?

If the above sounds at all familiar, great…I made this video just for you!

Self-doubt is very destructive and it’s a super, super common problem –
you’re not alone. The problem is: You’re not thinking like a trader.

“Trading is a pattern recognition numbers game. We use market analysis to
identify patterns, define the risk and determine when to take profits. The
trade either works…or it doesn’t”. Mark Douglas, Trading in the Zone

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All the best,

Vic Noble