A Whole Lotta Thanks.And A London Open Trade.

This week was American Thanksgiving, and boy do we have lots to be grateful
for in our lives.

And how can we not be incredibly grateful when we see comments like the
ones below from our Coach’s Corner members? They are just a small sampling
of the many we receive, and are from November only. Thank you to all of our

And thank you to those who listen to these videos each week I really
appreciate it and only hope that they are helpful in some small way.

This week, my personal thanks are expressed in this 4 minute video, along
with a beauty of a London Open trade from today that Darko notified our
members to…in advance as always. Here ya go:


“I will tell you this for nothing. Without Darko and Vic I would not be
trading full-time. Simple as that. No way.”

“You and Darko are really providing a great service in the CC.”

“Thanks Darko for your tireless sharing.”

“Thank you doesn’t quite do it but that is the best I can do for now.
Yesterday’s CC session was, in my opinion, worth the entire year’s dues.”

“EUR/CHF also hit the 127% extension. 111 pips for the night”

“You were not exaggerating. What a session Monday, just watched the

“How the CC just keeps getting better boggles my mind. No one touches this
service out there, no one.”

“Darko I’m a member for 2 days and I’m totally blown away after the bonus
videos. It has all clicked in I have a new perspective and I know from my
life experience that practice makes perfect and for that reason I’m in”

“Thanks Darko, been one of my best weeks”

“Love this group and thanks for bonus vid Darko.”

“Darko your bonus video is great!!! Just would like to add that it works on
any time frame…”

“I’m extremely confident that I am getting the best education and service
there is!!”

“I was in Vegas last week on vacation and the Traders Expo was on in the
Hotel opposite ours so I went to have a look. I took in a couple of
seminars, Wow, it made me realize exactly what we have got in Darko and

“both seminars [in Las Vegas] ended with the guy trying to sign you up to
his service which was twice what we are paying each month!!

“Darko, I’m watching the 11-05-2018 webinar and having you walk us through
the vic trade makes it so much clearer.”

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All the best,

Vic Noble