Pure Price Action Trading.A 4:1 RR Trade.Called In Advance.

If you think you need indicators to help you trade, watch this video.
Sometimes a tradeable pattern doesn’t even set up, even though we may be at
a significant level.

But…very profitable trades can still be picked up using our Advanced Price
Action Trading (APAT) or Breakout (BO) Strategy Approach.

I clipped out the part in Darko’s Pre-Market Analysis video where he
pointed out this setup way in advance. All recorded before it happened, no
faking it! Here is the video:

We have video tutorials on how to trade these strategies that are now
available to ALL CC members. APAT and BO trades are also now being shown in
Darko’s Pre-Market Analysis videos.


“Just hit my full TP on AUDUSD H&S at 1.27 Ext! Yeah”

“Definitely. Would never recommend any other service”

“Good [Members Name]. Thanks to our Mentor and the group here”

“I want to give a shoutout to Darko and Vic for the great mentoring and
service they are providing. I didn’t trade as much as I usually do this
month due to an eye injury and my day job getting crazy busy, but I still
managed to grow my account by 2.3% which I’m very happy with, using Darko’s
approach. So thanks guys!”

“Darko I had the best trading week ever thanks to you .Have wonderful
weekend your humble apprentice”

“Having said this, Darko, the last 2 weeks have been my most profitable
ever. Thank you. AMF+AMT totally transformed the way I look at things”

Thanks so much for watching our weekly videos — we really appreciate it
and hope you find them helpful!

All the best,

Vic Noble